High Season & low season 2024

£920 per week or short stays minimum 4 nights £145 per night

Christmas/New Year



£935 per week
£150 per night

Covid 19

During any Pandemic we will be guided by the Government Legislation in place at the given time, cancellations will not risk penalties for pandemic reasons. Our Housekeeper is doing a deep clean in between guests, we ask that you follow our Covid 19 check out procedure too - thanks.

Electric consumption
Just to let you now we do an Electric Meter Reading at Change Over, allowing us to calculate the consumption of each stay, we are very generous with the allocation per stay, however regrettable we have to advise that excessive consumption will be billed eg charging an electric car, charging power tools, fan heaters etc. please communicate if you require extra electricity for your stay and we can let you know the tariff via Octopus Energy.

Change over day is Sunday. Guests are requested not to arrive before 4pm, and to leave by 10am on the day of departure, this allows time for the house to be prepared for the next guest. Please leave the house clean and tidy, cleaning materials are provided under the kitchen sink, Hoover and mop in the bathroom cupboard.

Payment, a deposit of £100 (per week staying) is required when making your booking. You will then become responsible for the total rent as agreed. The full rent is due no later than six weeks before your holiday booked dates. Bank transfer for the full rental is the preferred payment method,  bank details will be supplied on your invoice.

Return of the £100 Deposit The original booking deposit will be returned after your stay. A charge will be made if the house requires extra cleaning, and for unreasonable damage or loss. 

Cancellation If written notice of cancellation is received six weeks before the commencement date of the booking, the deposit will be returned less £15 administration fee. If cancellation is received within six weeks of the booking commencement date, you will forfeit your deposit and be liable to pay the full rent unless the house is re-let.

Availability Should the house not be available due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot guarantee to find alternative accommodation. In such a case, all sums will be returned in full, but you will have no further claim against us.

Non Smoking Tigh Bhaan does not permit smoking in the house. Please ensure all cigarette debris is not left in the garden but disposed of in the correct  waste disposal.

Pets are allowed, maximum two, subject to informing the owners and paying an extra charge of £20 per dog per week. Usual rules, pets are not allowed on the soft furnishing, sofas, beds, arm chairs and all dog waste must be picked up from the garden and disposed of through the correct waste disposal.

Age The booking can only be made by a person over the age of 18, who will be responsible for this contact of renting the house Tigh Bhaan for the period booked. There must be at least one guest over the age of 18 staying in the property throughout the booking.

Short Breaks We will consider short breaks (minimum of 4 days subject to availability) charged on a daily tariff, booking is via email only at hello@tighbhaan.co.uk

Winter Bookings

You are welcome to stay at Tigh Bhaan in the winter months of November, December, January and February. However in very cold weather our private water supply can freeze up, please email hello@tighbhaan.co.uk for availability and bookings during these winter months, alternatively continue to the booking calendar.

Booking Form

Select your holiday period on the calendar. (Sunday to Sunday)

1. First select the first day for your stay by clicking on the relevant available date square.

2. Select the last night of your stay, check out is always the following morning.

3. When your chosen period is highlighted please proceed with the rest of the booking form.

Red Booked

Note your booking is only reserved for 7 days and confirmed once the deposit is received. Should the deposit not be forthcoming the dates will be released.

The owner will invoice for the balance of rental which is due 6 weeks before your holiday dates, or sooner if a late booking upon receipt of the full rent, further details concerning the house and key collection will be sent via email or letter one week before your holiday.


Please note you are staying a very remote area with all the pluses and minuses that involves. We have mains electric however this is prone to interruption in violent stormy weather, we have a camping stove and candles for emergency use, conveniently store in the kitchen cupboard. Please note there is NO MAINS WATER OR MAINS SEWAGE.

The Water Supply 
We have a private water supply straight from the hillside that enters the house via a filter and ultra-violet purifier. It is tested regularly, and is safe to drink, but you do so at your own risk. 

The water supply is subject to weather, we share the supply with our neighbours, in prolonged dry conditions, one needs to be sensible about water usage. We do have 2000l storage tank, which can supply 4 days conservatively used water when the supply goes off. Prolonged heavy rain can cause flash floods which may damage the filter and interrupt the supply. In very cold weather the pipes might freeze, this is rare and pipe do thaw quickly, hopefully, however there is nothing that we can do to accelerate the situation.  

We have two full jerry cans of water in the utility room, should the water go off and buckets in the household cupboard main bathroom incase water is need from the loch or stream to flush, the electric radiators are on a closed loop but the washing machine, dishwasher, shower, sinks and toilets will have no supply.  Please contact us immediately so that we can arrange for maintenance to investigate the problem.  Emma 07815758204

Electricity - the electricity supply on the peninsular is overground which means in stormy weather we get power cuts, that means no water (as its pumped from the tank) no electric rads, no cooker and no lights.  We have candles and camping stove in the kitchen cupboard (please place the camping stove on mates on the work surface) water in jerry cans and for heat the wood burner.

Septic Tank
Tigh Bhaan is serviced by a septic tank, please ensure that nothing you have not eaten only natural waste and toilet tissue is flushed down the toilet, any other items MUST be placed in the landfill bin.  Please do not put fat from cooking down the sink, it blocks the drainage pipes to the tank.  Please use our cleaning products aesthete biodegradable and eco friendly.

Central Heating is the wood burning Stove!
The central heating system is designed around the Eco compliance wood burning stove, to keep warm light the fire.
The electric radiators through out the house are background heat only, they are programmed to come on at off peak times only, which is:
6.30am - 7.30am, 2pm - 4pm, 8.30pm - 10.30pm
Please do not fiddle with the settings, on the programmer or individual radiators thermostats , they are all carefully balanced.  It WILL NOT make the house warmer.  
If you are cold light the fire.

Wood Burner
The Opus stove is pretty simple to use,  the two levers below the name are the vents, apart is open and together is closed.

Light the fire using our eco fire lighters and some smaller branches/kindling,  once this has caught fire and you have some embers you can add logs and close the vents.  Always close the door after adding fuel.

We have left enough logs for 3/4 fires, more logs can be taken from the wood shed.
The wood burner gives more steady heat, if you staying in all day, then light the fire in the morning and keep it ticking over.